As the Southern California Fires Rage, a Boeing 747 Joins the Fight

The Global Supertanker is a modified Boeing 747 that drops mass quantities of fire retardant from just 200 feet above the ground.

Crispr Therapeutics Plans to Launch Its First Clinical Trial in 2018

The study, testing a genetic tweak to the stem cells that make red blood cells, could begin as soon as next year.

'Star Wars' Surprise: Jedi Are Celibate!

According to Luke Skywalker himself, if Jedi were allowed to get down "I'd have a girlfriend by now."

Why Stephen Wolfram Decided to Livestream His Company's Work

Stephen Wolfram explains his decision to show the world exactly how Wolfram Research works?via live stream.

Climate Change Could Take the Air Out of Wind Farms

If the Arctic gets warmer, the northern winds get weaker, possibly leading to big drops in clean energy.

Am I The Worst For Looking at Other People's Texts on the Subway?

We are all informational predators. We are also all informational prey.

When Your Fitbit Goes From Activity Tracker to Personal Medical Device

With sales of its activity trackers sagging, and competition from Apple Watch, Fitbit increasingly stresses the medical uses of its data.

The US Flirts With Geoengineering to Stymie Climate Change

A Congressman introduces a bill to explore technologies to geoengineer Earth. That is, if it gets past his colleagues and then the only world leader to shun the Paris Agreement.

You Give Up a Lot of Privacy Just Opening Emails. Here's How to Stop It

Billions of emails are opened every day by people who have never consented to be tracked, but are being tracked nonetheless.

Las Vegas Casinos Are Now Testing Covert Gun-Sensing Technology

The technology uses a discreet microwave radar system to scan people for guns, knives, and bombs?without forcing them to walk through metal detectors.

Justice Democrat Candidates Have Been Denied Access to DNC Voter Data

As Justice Democrats run primaries against incumbents of their own party, some states have limited or denied access to a powerful voter data tool.

I Can't Stop Drinking Coffee Out of This Temperature-Regulating Mug

The $80 Ember Ceramic Mug keeps 10 ounces of coffee at whatever temperature you want, for as long as you want.

Security News This Week: Apple Patches a Very Bad iOS HomeKit Bug

Another Apple security goof, email hacks, and more of the week's top security news.

Patagonia Going After President Trump Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

A lot of things shook up Twitter last week, but Patagonia going after President Trump was the biggest rumble.

Making the Silence Breakers Time?s Person of the Year Won?t Change Anything

Opinion: While it?s satisfying to see sexual harassers get their comeuppance, no one should believe this marks the beginning of a cultural shift.